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Roman Herman

Shuseki Shihan Roman Herman (Go Dan 5th Dan): over 40 years experience in competing and teaching with the best results. 2013 in the World Championship 3 Americans of his fighting team finished in the group of the best 16 fighters. Privately General Manager of NJ division of International company using Kyokushin values to improve corporate performance.

Glenn Maynard

Michigan, Shihan Glenn Maynard ( Yon Dan 4th Dan)

Ryszard Korczynski

Florida, Shihan Ryszard Korczynski ( Yon Dan 4th Dan)

Janusz Tertel

New Jersey, Sensei Janusz Tertel (Ni Dan 2nd Dan) one of the very first students of Sensei Roman (1977)

David Corbett Everidge

North Carolina, Sensei David Corbett Everidge ( Ni Dan 2nd Dan)

Justin Hagen

Pennsylvania, Sensei Justin Hagen

Przemyslaw Malinowski

Illinois, Sensei Przemyslaw Malinowski ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

Marek B

Nevada, Sempai Marek B ( 2nd Kyu)

Jolanta Kapusta

New Jersey, Sensei Jolanta Kapusta ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

Marek Wiorkiewicz

Sempai Marek Wiorkiewicz ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

Marek Kudlinski

Sempai Marek Kudlinski ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

Jesus Vargas

Sempai Jesus Vargas ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

Jacek Sondej

Sempai Jacek Sondej ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

"your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life"