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Sensei Roman Herman

Sensei Roman Herman (Yon Dan 4th Dan): over 35 years experience in competing and teaching, creating champions in torunaments and life. Today Branch Chief of Shinkyokushinkai (WKO). In 2006 to 2014 National Coach of Fighting Team US- IFK. Father of two our students and Vice President of American Division of Global Company

Sempai Janusz Tertel

Sempai Janusz Tertel (Sho Dan 1st Dan) one of the very first students of Sensei Roman (1977)

Sempai Marek Wiorkiewicz

Sempai Marek Wiorkiewicz ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

Sempai Marek Kudlinski

Sempai Marek Kudlinski ( Sho Dan 1st Dan) started training in 1981 in Poland. Then after few years of training he had a break for 20 years. He started Kyokushin again in 2003 and he has been practicing continuously since then.

Sempai Jesus Vargas

Sempai Jesus Vargas ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

Sempai Jacek Sondej

Sempai Jacek Sondej ( Sho Dan 1st Dan)

"your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life"