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February, 2020

KUSA Kumite Challenge. Saturday March 28, 2020

January, 2018

Vision and Mission of KUSA Kyokushin

Kyokushin United States Association

Our Vision:

Popularize and Grow Traditional-Core Karate within United States of America

Our Mission Statement:

Our Association would like to promote and develop Kyokushin Karate within small dojos, individual who
had no chance to expirience this style in any place of the United States, work together with small and large
organizations independently of the status, program and finances

January, 2015

First Open Kata Seminar to all who can participate regardless of association. Saturday January 31,2015 at 1 PM

February 2014 - Trenning with Sensei Fillipe Silva

Our dojo had a pleasure of having a guest all the way from Brazil. Sensei Fillipe Silva, who trains at the IFK dojo in San Paulo Brazil visited our dojo for a solid training session. The training consisted of fighting techniques and combinations. After putting in some good work, and sweat we took an opportunity to take pictures and share some experiences.

Thank you Sensei Fillipe for visiting and as always we will hope to see each other in the near future.

8/9/13 - 8/11/13 - Hanshi Steve Arneil camp

NJKO Dojo members Sensei Roman Herman, Sempai Artur Kuzio, Kamil Maras & Lorinc Zord had a great privilege of learning from and training with Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan. One of the first students of Masutatsu Oyama and the first person after Sosai Oyama that had completed the 100 man Kumite.

The trainings were very demanding but the first hand knowledge is priceless for our current and future students. Hanshi during his trip has spend some time in Canada and almost a full week at the US IFK Headquarters in Rochester NY. Hundreds of students of all ages attended three time a day sessions and showed real Kyokushin Spirit.

We at the NJKO would like to thank Hanshi for his dedication and the time spent teaching us.

June 2013 - Our youngest Kohai Adrian Jaroszkiewicz receives schoolastic honors

Kohai Adrian Jaroszkiewicz has received a PHYS. ED Student of the Year honor upon completion of the 2012/2013 school year. All of us at the NJKO are very proud of this special achievement, and we are very honored to have Kohai Adrian participate and improve himself not only as a student of Kyokushin Karate, but as a Student of LIfe as well.

June, 2013 End of 2012-2013 season

Enjoying these end of the 2012/2013 season results is a very proud moment for not only our dojo but the US IFK. With Shihan Michael Monaco under seeing the progress of our team, led by Sensei Roman Herman we are making all of the efforts necessary to place US IFK on the World Stage.

Starting with our youngest dojo member Kohai Adrian Jaroszkiewicz. He had a privelage of testing his skills at the recent World Oyama Tournament by taking part in the Kata competition as well as the Kumite portion. It was Kohai Adrian's first tournament experience and we are all very proud of him. Hopefully it is just a beginning of his Kyokushin adventure and we will get to see him grow up on the fighting or Kata stage.

Sempai Artur Kuzio attended the US IFK Kata Championship, which were held this past month. Sempai Artur took the top prize out of eight competitors in his division, winning his second straight Kata tournament in the past few months at the same time becoming the current US IFK Black Belt Kata Champion. Sempai Artur also decided to try his skill in a Bo Kata competition in which he took the 3rd place on the podium. Congratulations.

IFK World Tournament, London 2013

The ultimate goal for our Fighting member Sempai Kamil. This tournament was years in the making for our Sempai, it was a goal which had it's spark at the 2004 AIKC in Rochester NY. After fighting at his last Semi Contact Tournament Sempai Kamil made a vow to him self that it was going to be the beginning of a long road to the World Class level, culminating with participating at the IFK World Tournament which is considered the Olympics of Kyokushin Karate, held only once every four years. Fighting in countless tournaments over the years, and putting together a strong 3 month training camp geared solely for the London tournament, Sempai was prepared very well to face off against the top Kyokushin fighters in the World.

The tournament was a very proud achievement not only for the participating US fighters but for the staff and coaches as well. Our very own National Fighting Team Coach Sensei Roman Herman was at the forefront of preparing our team for this big test. It was the vast knowledge that Sensei was able to pass along to our team that has made this endeavor possible. HIs guidance made a difference between winning and loosing. The tournament started off very well for our fighter Sempai Kamil, he advanced to the third round defeating Dragiev from Bulgaria being out weight by 26 kilograms (57 pounds). At the end of the 1st extension the Bulgarian fighter was devastated by Sempai Kamil's low kicks.

In his next fight Sempai Kamil was matched up against Alexei Mezhevstov from Russia. Sempai was caught with a punch to the liver ending his fight about half way through. The experience of that fight turned out to be the most valuable considering that his opponent turned out to be the eventual World Champion of the Heavy weight division.

The end result of placing in the top sixteen fighters in the World is a great platform to building for future results on the National and International Stage.

Coming Home and Continuing winning ways

Seven weeks after coming back from London, Sempai Kamil took part in the US Championshin hosted by Shihan Pertrovic of the Kyokushinkai Kan organization in Maine. There Sempai won in a convincing fashion his second Heavy Weight tile of that organization. With his great performance Sempai Kamil has his sights set on another great challenge the KWU World Tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria. This tournament to be held in October of 2013 is incorporating fighters from almost all of Kyokushin Organizations around the world to crown the best fighter in each weight category.

Congratulations to all of our dojo for their hard work and great results.

March, 2013 US IFK Team member has his sights on London

Sempai Kamil Maras a member of the US IFK National Fighting team is hard in preparations for the World Tournament to be held in London, UK on April 6 & 7. Sempai Kamil has began his specific training in December of last year with a focus on strength training.

Gradually he transitioned into Cross - Fit, conditioning and endurance. All this and keeping up with specific Kyokushin training keeps his schedule very busy. Kamil's own Sensei the national fighting team coach Sensei Roman Herman is working diligently with Sempai Kamil on strategy, technique as well as specific fighting combinations.

A very important part of Sempai's preparation is an increased amount of sparring. Sensei Miguel Rios from the Shuranken Dojo has been very generous in welcoming Sempai Kamil into his training sessions to help him in that aspect and add additional guidance. To compete agains the best in the World at the toughest Martial Art is definitely a collective effort.

Even though Sempai Kamil will be fighting on the matts of London by himself, he will definitely have the support of many back home, and all those who have helped him along the way can take part in the honor to be representing the US at the World Tournament.

February, 2013 International invitation for Sensei Roman Herman

Sensei Roman Herman was officially invited by the Polish Shinkyokushin General Secretary Shihan Remigiusz Karpinski to the European Shinkyokushin Qualifying tournament to be held in Elk, Poland (February 27, 2013), as a special guest.

Unfortunately, because of previous commitments Sensei Roman could not attend, but it is a great honor to be recognized in the international Kyokushin community. Sensei Roman is affiliated with the Elk branch as a original founder of Kyokushin in that area of Poland in 1970's. He has since visited his "old" Dojo in past years where he is still very much recognized and respected by the current Kyokushin students.

Video from tournament

February, 2013 Visit from a familiar Sempai

NJKO Dojo had a special visitor during recent training. Sempai Roman Herman Jr., son of our Sensei took time from his studies at Fordham University and took advantage of Kyokushin training at the dojo were he spent years before. Sempai Herman, used his Kyokushin abilities and took a different path by trying his strength at Collegic Football. He is currently on the Fordham University Football team and all the training is definitely paying off in a positive way. We wish all the best to our Sempai.

January 26, 2013 Different kind of Champion at NJKO Dojo

US IFK Kata Championship which took place in Holley NY on January 26th unveiled a different kind of a Champion hailing from NJKO Dojo. Sempai Artur Kuzio took first place in his division by performing Pinan Sono Go and Tsuki No Kata.

Sempai had very strong competition in his division but managed to perform his Kata at a level which afforded him the top prize. Sempai Artur is hard at work on perfecting his Kata with having aspirations on taking part in many Kata tournaments in the near future.

November 3, 2012 IFK American International Championship in Rochester NY

IFK Karate Organization held their annual American International Championship in Rochester NY. The tournament had a very special essence in that its honorary guest was none other than Soshu Shigeru Oyama. Soshu Oyama established Kyokushin Karate in the United States of America and was a long time Uchi Deshi of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.

The tournament had an extraordinary large number of fighters and participants. Our own Sempai Kamil Maras fought twice in his Heavy weight division, knocking out his first opponent with an Ushiro Mawashi geri and going the distance in the final fight of the evening. The Heavy Weight final between Sempai Kamil Maras and Sempai Michael Cordeiro was a very exiting fight with each fighter taking charge at certain points, at the end Sempai Cordeiro walked away with a win by half a point.

Semi final fight:

Final Fight:

July 28, 2012 NJKO Memeber in a Polish „Talk Show”

We are happy to announce that a few members of NJKO Dojo had a privilege to be featured in a Polish Television talk show. The show’s format features a short interview with the guests culminating with a demonstration. “Kanapa” (eng. “The Sofa”) invited Sensei Roman Herman along with Sempai Artur Kuzio and Kamil Maras to discuss their experiences of training Kyokushin Knockdown Karate.

The conversation started off with a few questions about the origin of Kyokusin and it’s bases in the USA, from then each of us explained a little about getting started in this Martial Art. Having Sensei Roman shed some light on the rigorous and difficult Kyokushin training made the Host very fascinated. Sempai Kamil shared his experiences from the mat, and also a little background on his fighting career under Sensei Roman.

In the later portion of the show, our trio set up to perform a few demonstrations, which included a fighting clinic, a breaking demonstration by Sensei Roman and also a full Kata demonstration performed by Sampai Artur. The show was capped off by the Host successfully attempting to break a board with chudan tsuki. It was a wonderful and humbling experience which hopefully promotes our Organization in the Media. Please visit to view the program.

July 16, 2012 NJKO Fighter in a Magazine Profie

Sempai Kamil Maras was featured in the 3rd Issue of “Osu!” Mgazine. The Magazine created by Sensei Duval Hamilton promotes full contact Karate disciplines, mainly Kyokushin. It features articles not only about different styles but also focuses on all Kyokushin organizations.

In this current issue the main portion of the Magazine was devoted to profiling accomplished fighters from around the globe, including Valeri Dimitrov, Dimitar Stefanov Popov, Victor Teixiera. Along with these world class knockdown fighters the Magazine included a Profile on our own Sempai Kamil Maras. Included were many actions photos from past tournaments, short bio with an USA IFK recognition and a list of accomplishments.

The privilege of this feature was a testament to the team and our organization. Without the help of everyone involved in helping Sempai Kamil train and promote his success this would not have been possible. The magazine is available for download on

March 1012, Our Sensei re-visits his beginnings

In March of this year Sensei Roman Herman, had a privilege of visiting his old students in Elk Poland. He was invited to a new and state of the art facility which included Karate Dojo, a fitness facility and full weightlifting gym by his former Kohai who now holds the rank of Shihan with the ShinKyokushin organization, Shihan Remigiusz Karpinski.

It was a very emotional reunion which included a training sessions and a Dinner party in honor of Sensei’s visit. At the party Sensei was surprised by an even larger group of his former students. The unforgettable trip was culminated with an interview for a local newspaper, which took him back into memory lane appreciating the beginnings of Kyokushin Karate in the region which he was a big part of.

See Pictures

Sensei Roman also visited another dojo of his former student, now Sensei Zbigniew Jedrkiewicz. Sensei Roman conducted part of the training enjoying the atmosphere of the group and sharing his knowledge across boarders and oceans.

November, 2011 North American Shinkyokushin, Montreal Canada

Sempai Kamil 3rd place in Montreal at North American Shinkyokushin Championship

October 1, 2011 - XXI American International Karate Champinship

Next American International Karate Champinship and the next great performance of our dojo.

Our dojo was represent by Sempai Artur, Sempai Kamil Daniel Rodzik and Thomas Babiak, Sensei Roman as US Fighting Team Coach.

- Sempai Artur in nice performance of Suhiho Kata won the tournament.

- Sempai Kamil Maras again this year became Heavy weight Champion of North America.

- Daniel Rodzik (13 years old) competed in 14-15 years old group. With enormous spirit after two extensions and very difficult first win Daniel defended his Champion title from the last year.

- Our youngest fighter Thomas Babiak with lots of spirit could not defeat stronger opponent.

Sempai Kamil Maras again this year became Heavy weight Champion of North America.

Greatly appreciated spirit and support of parents of our youngest competitors. I personally was very busy coaching many fighters from juniors to knock down. All US IFKK fighting team finished this tournament like never before. Our national fighting team took mostly first and second places.

Congratulation to all of you.

Osu. Sensei Roman

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August 27, 2011 - Sensei Roman Herman passed the test and was promoted to 4th Dan

August 6, 2011 - Shihan Michael Monaco promoted to 7th Dan, congratulations Shihan

August 6, 2011 - We participated in National Kyokushin Camp with Hanshi Steve Arneil

March 26, 2011 - Again Champion. This time in Montreal

This Saturday March 26, Sempai Kamil Maras won Oyama Cap Tournament in Montreal. Sempai Kamil's hard work for many years gives excellent results. Congratulation Sempai Kamil.

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March 19, 2011 - Two more Black Belts in New Jersey

On Saturday March 19 in Lyndonville NY at Black Belt test Jan Tertel and Roman Herman Jr. achieved Sho Dan rank.

It was double celebration for Sensei Roman since Jan was one of the 3 first students in 1978 in Poland. He is only one who still is active training Kyokushin Karate. March 19th was Jan's Birthday.

Great success also was for Sensei Roman to see his son achieving a Sho Dan rank. Roman Jr. is Sensei first student in the United States.


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October 9th, 2010 XX American International Karate Championship.

Our New Jersey dojo where very strongly represented this year with adult and our young students with unbelievable results.

Kata Categories:
  • Sempai Artur Kuzio 2nd place in Advanced Black Belt Kata.
  • Kohai Thomas Babiak 2nd place in Junior age 8-10 Kata.
Fighting Categories:
  • Kohai Thomas Babiak 2nd in Junior Semi Fighting age 8-10.
  • Kohai Daniel Rodzik 1st in Junior Semi Fighting age 10-12 ( all fights finished before the time).

Sempai Kamil Maras Heavy Weight Knock Down- Full Contact Champion for 2010. Great performance. First fight Sempai finished in 1 minute with Ippon- ushiro geri. Final fight with Wazari- Uraken shita tsuki.

We all are very proud of our copmentitors. Great appreciation to parents going to Rochester with Daniel and Thomas. We came back very tired but extremely happy of our performance.

See Pictures

London, October 2, 2010 US IFKK Fighting Team participated in European Cup.

With great proud Sensei Roman was coaching US Team at this great tournament in Crowley K2 Sport Center, London UK. Sempai Kamil Maras our top Heavy Weight fighter gave outstanding performance. With great Kyokushin spirit, strength and techniques he as only one at this tournament could resist huge Russian, Syberian representative. First 3 minutes did not give any results when both fighters gave the best. In extension of the next 3 minutes by the end Kamil lost very insignificantly. No one this day could resist Kamil's opponent. He finished all his fights before the time.

Congratulations Sempai Kamil for great performance in Europe and congratulations to Sensei Roman for developing and coaching US National Team.

See Pictures

June 2,2010

We had Dojo Junior Kata Tournament. All our lions performed with great spirit.

Here are the following categories:
  • Little Lions, Shamira Contreras 1st Place; Aleksander Wolosiuk 2nd Place, Dominik Bugaj 3rd Place.
  • Juniors: Thomas Babiak 1st Place, Pawel Sliwinski 2nd Place, Kacper Osenkowski 3rd Place.
Congratulations to all competing students. Great job!

May 15, 2010 - 8th US Kyokushin-kan Open Tournament, Maine USA

Sempai Kamil Maras, took part in a Heavyweight Division consisting of 8 fighters from US and Canada. In the quaterfinal fight Sempai Kamil scorred a double wazari in the first extension round to advance to the semi-final. There he faced a top Canadian fighter Robert Poirier who has placed in top 16 in the Kyokushin-kan World Cup in Australia. With outwieghing Sempai Kamil by close to 70 lbs, Sempai fought a tought battle for 2 extension and eventually getting the decision and moving on to the final bout. In the final he met Sempai Joe Panzarino from the Russo Dojo in Canda, and after two extensions in the final and a very good showing from both fighters, Sempai Kamil emerged as the new United States Kyokushin-kan Champion of 2010.

April 19, 2010

Our great guest Sensei Lee Haugton conducted excellent Nunchaku seminar.

March 13, 2010

Sempai Artur Kuzio and Jesus Vargas participated in 5 hours Black Belt test in Rochester, NY- US IFKK Headquarter. With great sucess both passed the test. Sempai Artur advanced his rank to 2nd Dan. Semapi Jesus recieved 1 Dan degree. Congratulations.

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November 7, 2009

On Novemebr 7th 2009 US Fighting Team participated in World Kanreikai Knock Down Championship.

Great level of participants from several countries as USA, Canada, Poland, Russia and some more gave audience lot of exitment and emotions.

Our top US IFK representative Sempai Kamil Maras gave outstanding performance. First two fights he finished before the end of the first round with knock down technique Chudan Mawashi Geri. Kamil broke his left fist in the second fight and still with the best performance could fight in a final round taking the 2nd World Championship position after 2009 Polish and European Champion David Kiszycki.

Congratulation Sempai Kamil.

November 6, 2009

On November 6,2009 we conducted New Jersey Dojos Children Fighting Tournament. Shihan Michael Monaco came to see our young fighters potential. Sensei Todd Hatchinson, Sensei Nickie Mattice conducted the refering process. All participants gave outstanding performance in techniques, fighting spirit and discipline. With a lot of nice surprises we discovered a lot of talented young karateka.

Top places per categories where as the following:

Young Lions 5-7 years old:
Shamira Contreras I
Aleksander Wolosiuk II
Chris Lukawski III

Age 8-10 years old category:
Thomas Babiak I
Kristian Krucon II
Kacper Osenkowski III

Age 10-12 years old category:
Daniel Rodzik I
Donowan from Rochester, NY II

Age 12-14 years old category:
Mateusz Witek I
Kristian Pluta II
Kacper Sitko & Tomasz Witek III

Girls 10-14 years old category:
Brandi Cooper I, Holley, NY
Alicia Maliborski II
Angelica Maliborski III

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October 10, 2009

19th American International Karate Championship at Convention Center-Downtown Rochester, New York.

Our team participated on October 10,2009 in great ultimate karate test- International Championship.
Our multi Champion Sempai Kamil Maras due to the injury could not compete, but still we came back with many top titles.
In a super performance in Advance Black Belt Kata Sempai Artur Kuzio won First Place for the second time. Congratulations Sempai Artur- 2009 Kata Champion of North America.

Roman Herman Jr. had very difficult task to achieve. This year he was in Junior Knock Down Brown/ Black Belt up to 18 years old category-competing with very experience fighters. With great spirit, strong techniques and great stamina he won each fight representing this time his school- Don Bosco Prep. Karate Club- North American Junior Knock Down Champion- Kohai Roman Congratulations.

In Heavy Weight Knock Down competition Sempai Jesus Vargas gave an outstanding performance wining the first fight with wazari and receive The Second Place in Knock Down Heavy Weight Category. Sempai Jesus- Congratulations.

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Sempai Kamil Maras took a first place at IKKO tournament in Miami, Florida. In Full Contact- Super Fight ( 3 rounds, 3 minutes each) Sempai was able to finish the fight before the time with Ippon- Uraken Shita Tsuki. Great fight. Congratulation Sempai Kamil.

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April 25,2009

Sempai Kamil Maras within the best again at Yukan Ultimate Karate Championship in Montreal April 25,2009 Great performance of US IFK team. Sempai Kamil Maras and Karl Bidlingmaier 3rd places in heavy and light categories. Congratulations.

(more pictures)

February 20,2009

After 22 years Sensei Roman trained again at home town dojo in Elk, Poland.

Visiting my home town Elk in Poland my former student invited me to participate in training at his dojo. Many years ago leaving Poland, I left karate journey in hands of one of my young promising students.

Today Sensei Remigjusz Karpinski ( 4 Dan) is very well known around the World.

His tournament titles are the most significant and impressive. 9 times Polish Champion. 5 Times European Champion and 3rd in the World Championship in Osaka, Japan.

I want to express my great appreciation for his invitation, enthusiastic welcome and memories.

I hope, some day we will train together again. Osu.

Polish link to visit his website:

(more pictures)

February 2009

Congratulations to all students participating in our dojo rank test on February 6,2009

November 2008

We have a next black belt. Kamil Maras passed the 6 hours test for Shodan ( 1 Dan).
Congratulations Sempai Kamil!

November 2008

World Championship Kanreikai ,Nov 8,2008
Roman Herman Jr. - 2nd in junior category.
Kamil Maras lost with European Champion from Poland and could not continue due to the injury.
There were many fighters from Poland, Russia, Chechna, Canada and USA.

October 2008

This year again American International Karate Championship was a great success for our New Jersey team. With many competitors from USA, Canada, Poland, Russia, Switzerland it was very difficult on high level challenge for all. Our team presented a great spirit taking top positions in the following categories:

1. Kamil Maras- 3rd in Super Heavy Weight Knock Down fighting.
2. Roman Herman Jr.- 3rd in Super Heavy Weight Junior fighting.
3. Artur Kuzio- 2nd in Black Belt Kata ( forms).
4. Marie-Nicole Herman- 2nd in Kids 9-10 years old Kata ( forms).

17th Annual American International Karate Championship 2008 (more pictures)

July 2008

On September 28th our dojo representative Kamil Maras was competing in Caribbean Championship 2008 in Puerto Rico. Kamil took a second place in super heavy category fighting in final with great well known European Champion Sensei Richard Tineo.
Caribbean Championship 2008 in Puerto Rico (more pictures)

July 2008

Training with our guests Sensei Anthony and Sempai Nina from Yorkshire Dojo-England

May 2008

Sensei Jim Graff Memorial Tournament.
Great success of our team:
  • Artur Kuzio, Black Belt Kata- 1st Place
  • Jesus Vargas, Semi Contact Fighting- 2nd Place
  • Roman Herman Jr. Junior 15-17 years old, Semi Contact Fighting- 1st Place

Sensei Jim Graff Memorial Tournament, May 2008 (more pictures)

May 2008

Kanreikai Championship, Montreal 2008
Canadian Championship and great sucess of Kamil Maras. Second place after other US National Fighting Team member Sensei Scott Haug. Winning all fights both US IFK Fighters had to challenge themselfs in great Kyokushin style and spirit.

Kanreikai Championship, Montreal 2008 (more pictures)

February 2008

Kyokushin Fighting Clinic for US IFK Fighting Team

December 2007

Sensei Roman Herman appointed for International/ National Fighting Coach of USA.

December 2007

Our Instructors participated in Black Belt test hold in US Headquarter in Rochester New York. After hours of training following members of our dojo received Sho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt): Marek Wiorkiewicz, Marek Kudlinski, Jacek Sondej, Artur Kuzio.
Congratulation for hard work!
(more pictures)

October 2007

Next American International Torunament and Great success of our team.
  • Kamil Maras 2nd in Heavy Weight Knocdown Category
  • Jesus Vargas 1st Place in Semi-Contact Heavy Weight Category
  • Jacek Sondej 1st Place in Middle Weight Senior Semi- Contact Category
  • Marek Wiorkiewicz 1st Place in Kata Category
  • Artur Kuzio 2nd Place in Kata Category
  • Roman Herman Jr. 2nd Place in Junior Heavy Weight Semi-Contact Category

"your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life"