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Media Release

  1. Seminar with Roman Herman’s 37 years of practicing Kyokushin
    and 11 years of Kyokushin activities in New Jersey. [See video]
  2. Polish TV NYC, Title: Interview with Roman Sensei [See video]
  3. 37 years of Kyokushin practice [See video]

Press Release

  1. Nowy Dziennik, Title: Seminarium w Garfield poswiecone karate [See article]
  2. The Polonia Portal, Title: O jeden pasek więcej [See article]
  3. The Polonia Portal, Title: Zapracować na sukces [See article]
  4. GAZETA OLSZTYNSKA, Title: Karate. Mistrz za oceanem, Uczen w Elku To jego zycie [See article]
  5. THE POST EAGLE, Title: Karate School Opens In Garfield [See article]
  6. NOWY DZIENNIK, Title: Karate moja milosc [See article]
  7. THE POST EAGLE, Title: Polish School in Garfield Produces Tournament Champions [See article]
  8. (6 & 7) Dziennik Zwiazkowy, Title: Karate Jego Pasja [See page one] [See page two]

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